Genealogical research of A.V. (Poland, Germany, Israel, and the United States)

A.V. was born in Germany. Until his son started a genealogical project in 7th grade, he had not been interested in the roots of his mother's family in Poland, and had not understood how little he really knew until he was asked the names of his grandparents on his mother's side and found himself unable to answer. All that he could tell his son was that they all his relatives on his mother's side of the family were murdered in the Holocaust, except for one brother of his mother that immigrated to the United States and two that remained in Russia with whom his mother and her children were only loosely in contact.

Very slowly through a world wide search by means of conversations with few relatives that survived the Holocaust, searches of data bases, visits to archives and museums, searches through remembrance books, and reciprocal contacts with other investigators in Israel and around the world, a rich world of family details was discovered. A family tree with 373 entries of family members was built, most of whom had been murdered in the Holocaust. The town in Poland where the family originated was discovered, and the original "Father of the Family" who was born in 1764 in Przedborz. It was discovered that most of the men in the family had been carpenters and wood workers for many generations. Most had been carpenters, wood workers, and wood carvers. A few had been owners of wood yards or saw mills. They were all connected to one another in business.

The research also discovered two first cousins in the United States with whom contact was made and two half sisters with whom ties are being established.

Other outcomes of the research:

  1. A rich family tree with 373 names and the family connections among them through 7 generations.

  2. A.V. felt that a deep rooted tree had been planted built from the bits of information left by the Germans.

  3. There is a legacy to bequeath to future generations.