The Story of A.M. and C.M brothers in Israel – Early 2014

The brothers, 60+ year old retirees from Bulgaria, contacted me with a tragic story about their baby brother. The parents, along with A.M and his baby brother arrived in Israel in 1949. The same year, while in Pardes Hana Transit Camp, the baby passed away. There was no known burial place or identity certificate, and the name Diko is the only name A.M. knows to be the baby's name.

This story is seemingly the same story that is also being told by hundreds of other Yemenite families. Neither the parents nor other relatives appear to have details about the baby's illness or burial place.At some point in the investigation, A.M confessed that he occasionally doubts whether or not his little brother ever existed in the first place.

After contacting the Central Zionist Archives, I was able to confirm that there in fact was a little baby brother. The information matched the family's story, and the brothers were very excited at this breakthrough.

A.M contacted Chevra Kadisha but was unable to find any details about the exact burial place. In a coordinated investigation involving The Israeli Ministry of Interior, Chevra Kadisha and a few other colleagues, we found that the baby brother's burial place was in Kiryat Shaul Cemetery. Using some very well persevered 64 year old maps, and with Chevra Kadisha's guidance, we were led to the exact burial place inside the cemetery.After all these years, no one had set a headstone for little Diko, David's grave.With a broken voice, the brothers said the "Kaddish Yatom" prayer with the help of the man from Chevra Kadisha, who later told us that this is the most touching family reunification story he ever witnessed.


- The two brothers who invested countless amounts of emotional energy experienced a resolution of the family mystery.

- The parent's tragic story was confirmed.

- The infant will receive a proper headstone, honoring his memory.