Reliability of Information in Genealogical Research (Genealogical Proof Standard)

As a part of my genealogical studies in Boston university I sworn to adhere to the following practices of reliability:

The number one priority for every genealogical researcher is to obtain, organize and resurface family history in the most accurate way possible.

To achieve this goal, professional genealogical researchers are following five main guidelines which helps both as a quality standard and as a tool for new genealogical researchers.

The guideline is called Genealogical Proof Standard (or GPS in short) and it has five elements:

- A thorough and mindful research that exhausts all information sources

- Full list of up to date source citations of every piece of information we use.

- Analysis and correlation of the obtained information.

- Any conflict should be solved or have a plausible explanation which fits the narrative of the paper.

- Writing a conclusion which is based on newly acquired or already known facts